Troffer Retrofit Series (TRS-MRC)
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Modular ReLite Chassis (MRC)

Modular ReLite Chassis™ (MRC)

The industry’s first and only tool-less replaceable light engine. Transform your sustainability efforts and bottom line with the patented MRC’s groundbreaking technology. Say goodbye to light fixture disposal and hello to decades of cost-saving, eco-friendly performance.

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Ultraselect Technology

Field adjustable color temperature and light output. Illuminate your projects with unparalleled flexibility. Choose from 16 CCT and Wattage combinations to craft the perfect LED lighting solution tailored to your needs while delivering an impressive 159 lumens per watt efficiency.

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Apprime Ultra Select Technology

Reclaim, Reuse,

A partnership rooted in building a sustainable future. Every luminaire sold by APPRIME Lighting is automatically eligible to enroll in our R3 Earth+ Product Sustainability Program. As your luminaire reaches its end of life and/or requires a performance upgrade, APPRIME will send out a new MRC to easily install within your existing APPRIME luminaire housing.

We ReClaim the original MRC and ReUse the metal chassis, fasteners, and connectors. Then, install the latest LED technology onto the original metal chassis to ReLite your project for the years to come.

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