ReClaim ReUse ReLite

A Partnership Rooted in Building a Sustainable Future

Every luminaire sold by APPRIME Lighting is automatically eligible to enroll in our R3 Earth+ Product Sustainability Program. The program is committed to reclaiming, reusing, and relighting luminaires, reducing waste, and promoting environmental responsibility. As your luminaire reaches its end of life and/or requires a performance upgrade, APPRIME will work with you to send out a new MRC to easily install within your existing APPRIME luminaire housing.

First of Its Kind

The R3 Earth+ Program will revolutionize how the lighting industry will account for end-of-life and performance upgrade procedures.

“For far too long, lighting has been a part of a wasteful, linear product economy, and we believe at APPRIME LIGHTING, our focus on moving lighting into a sustainable, circular product economy aligns with the vision of many specifiers and builders across the globe. This isn’t just a recycling program; it’s a fundamental shift in how we approach product lifecycles.”

– Adam Chetakian, Co-Founder and VP of Business Development

R3 Earth+ Step 1


We ReClaim the original metal chassis from your project.

R3 Earth+ Step 2


We ReUse the metal chassis, fasteners, and connectors.

R3 Earth+ Step 3


We ReLite the original metal chassis with new technology.

Modular Relite Chassis